DAY BEFORE US is a microtonal, lyrical and dark ambient music project coming from old Europe.

In retrospect: Day Before Us “Upon this world of dreams” [Kadaath57], June 2013. Last cdr copies still available at: kadaath [@]

Dreamscaping laments in a semi-acoustic style, punctuated by field recordings, blurry lo-fi waving textures and processed melodious piano lines. Original photographs by Francesca Mele (Black Sun).

We are currently preparing a new LP, it will consist of Day Before Us third full length release. Materials are in progress and the work should be finalized in a couple of months for an edition of hundreds of copies before the fall of 2014, presumably next autumn. Huge thanks to Alessandro , Mike, Francesca, Gabriel for their support in the elaboration of this on-going edition work.

Past releases still available at: Rage in Eden (WOP), Steinklang, Cold Spring, Malignant Records (…) and on D.B.U bandcamp page:

Misty Shroud of Regrets is definitely a work in black and white. Nocturnal movements numbed by noisy wanderings and laid back sparse ambiences and soundscapes in equilibrium between void desolation and dreamy incantation. A whispered voice comes in to tickle a soothing nocturnal atmosphere evoked by a distant piano or a guitar that fills the heart with grey melancholy. Not really focussing on a defined line of narration, the album feels in the long run like a collection of mood containers, or standalone episodes of well exercised isolationism, each of which is pretty much autonomous from any other, with more experimental values transpiring as the work progresses. (Darklike online journal)

Album available at:

Last few copies of our last EP Child of a new light [TMR001]. Full album is now available to download at:

:[DIESEELE.NET]: Underground-goth-alternative music netradio based in Greece. Recommended one! Last monday show featured material from the new Day Before Us EP.

Day Before Us new album entitled Child of a new light is now available on bandcamp. Limited edition, April 2014

“Child of a new light” is the work of Day Before Us, French and now bi-national music project whose objective has been continuously motivated by the need to create semiclassical-processed soundscapes with a special spiritual intensity. This album offers a stylistic evolution for a more visible dialectic between narratives, lyrical chants, instrumental ambient textures which seek a world of revelation linked to contemplative rituals.

Podcast January 22nd, 2014 /// Featuring Day Before Us
A 90 minute podcast featuring deliciously dark tunes emanating from the realms of beauty and sorrow to the depths of wrath and madness


Podcast January 22nd, 2014 /// Featuring Day Before Us

A 90 minute podcast featuring deliciously dark tunes emanating from the realms of beauty and sorrow to the depths of wrath and madness

NEW SOUND EXCERPT from Day Before Us “Misty shroud of regrets” [Rage in Eden Records] | Physical copies are now available on BANDCAMP :

At the distance this forthcoming album is a resolutely dark ambient neoclassical release but from a closer listening it defies the canonical schemas of genre . The musical argument reaches a synthesis and an harmonious conversation between consonant acoustic minimalism and warmly nostalgic emotional ambiences with a great sense of romanticism and experimentalism.

Original photographs by Yulia Kazban

 [MA PROPRE FABLE UN DIMANCHE] collaborative work between 6&8 (UK) and Day Before Us (FR)

Digital dec. 2013 | 7 tracks | 36:00 | mp3-320/flac | Available at Auditory Field Theory

Texturally moving ambient realms meet sound poetries in a unique nostalgic flavor. The piece consists of seven tracks over thirty-six minutes. The download also includes a high-resolution photo set by Francesca Parita.

.::NOW AVAILABLE on AUDITORY FIELD THEORY::. Collaboration between 6&8 and Day Before Us. With Rory Mc Cormick, Jessica Peace, Philippe Blache, Francesca Parità.

Press release note: “This digital composition is a collaboration between 6&8 and Day Before Us. Ma Propre Fable, un Dimanche has a certain elegance that flutters about unhinged. A broken fable, esoteric folklore, the narrative tracks through a series of disarrayed rooms, while stuttering and circling time. Fragile connections collapse into fits of reality, as science haunts the artist and starves a dying universe.”

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Exposição de Pintura “REVEILLE” de Rania Moudaress
De 9 de Novembro a 6 de Dezembro no Galeria Gabinete

Original soundtrack by Day Before Us

DAY BEFORE US new album MISTY SHROUD OF REGRETS [Rage in Eden / RAGE98] | October 2013 | 300 copies digipack edition | ORDER at:

Press release note: "Misty shroud of regrets" to dzieło oparte na depresyjnych fortepianowych przestrzeniach, mrocznych lamentach elektrycznych organ i ciemnych akordach. Zespół przedstawia tu mikrotonalne gorzkie melodie sporadycznie przerywane przez kilka części narracyjnych ,  układ hałasów, znalezionych dźwięków i nagrań terenowych . "Misty shroud of regrets"  to ponadczasowa muzyczna próba powstała w oparciu o egzystencjalną poezje fotograficzną Yulii Kazban.

"Misty shroud of regrets” presents a corpus of spleen-piano based ambiences and nightly soundscaping laments for electric organ and darkened chords. The musical ensemble reveals microtonal bitter melodies occasionally punctuated by a few narrative parts, an array of noises, found sounds and field recordings. “Misty shroud of regrets” is a timeless musical effort based on the existential photographic poetry of Yulia Kazban.

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Collaborative release between Day Before Us (Fr) and Nimh (It). Published by Rage in Eden / WOP in September 2012. The musical alchemy consists of doom-ambient classics in an epic and tremendously melancholic vein. Last copies available at the label or directly from Day Before Us at:

Excerpt from Day Before Us “upon this world of dreams” (June. 2013) /// physical copies still available at ///